Nick Wright

Tune in Monday to Friday to catch Nick’s “Rolled Gold”; blasts from the past and the wheels of steel from the 50s/60s/70s (first hour) 80s and 90s (second hour). Glimpse history with ‘this day today’, keep up with the birthday file and get your brain cells grappling with a lovely, jubbly pack of pop teasers.

Nick’s quirky sense of humour, observations and wacky stories as he guides you from 8-9am on Breakfast AND he’ll make sure you don’t miss out on places to go, people to see, what’s on and things to do.

A versatile presenter, Wrighty can sometimes be found generously scattered about the schedule when necessary; you just never know where he’ll pop up next…in fact, neither does he, and he’s the Programme Controller…what does that tell you?! LOL!