Canalside Community Radio would like to apologise to the listenership in relation to the special airing of the Programme specifically made to coincide with the Barnaby Festival Virtual Parade. The playlist was a selection by the Committee but a technical hic-cup occurred whilst populating the playlist. An unfortunate and accidental error was made in the loading of one of the songs which contained explicit language. The song was fortunately noticed and taken off air after 20 seconds. The error occurred because the clean radio edit was not selected and the album track was played instead. Canalside Community Radio has been operating for 17 Years and has an excellent track record with regard to these matters and takes the issue of bad language very seriously. Once again we apologise to anyone who was offended as the unfortunate language went out in the daytime which sadly added to the problem. Please note that no output at Canalside Community Radio contains explicit language.

Thank you for listening to Canalside Radio.
Thank you to all our sponsors who are able to give us their support during this difficult time.

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