Canalside Radio was founded by Nick Wright in 2004 with its first on-air transmission in May 2005 to coincide with The Bollington Festival. The first transmission lasted one month, known as an RSL (Restricted Service License).
There were two further one month RSL broadcasts until December 2008 when Canalside went on-air full time on 102.8fm after being awarded a five year license. The license was extended a further five years in 2013.

Below are a few snippets from those early days.

One of the most popular programmes was a show known as Pensioners’ Paradise. It was hosted by Nick Wright with regular guest, local Bollington resident Allan Sherratt. Allan is known as a business man (Cars & Vans 4 U) and is also a well known member of Macclesfield Cricket Club and a stand-up comedian, performing at venues throughout the local area.

Here’s a selection of the best bits:
“Alternative News 1”

“Alternative News 2”

“Alternative News 3”

“Alternative News 4”

“Dr Bob”

Complete episode of “Pensioners’ Paradise”