Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson Odds: Brit the underdog in battle of giants

Bookmakers have made Hafthor Bjornsson the early betting favourite in his scheduled boxing match against Eddie Hall.

The pair have been rivals for a number of years in strong man competitions, but their rivalry has really intensified in recent days after the Icelandic lifter broke Hall’s deadlift world record in controversial circumstances.

Bjornsson lifted 501kg from his home with his own training equipment, beating Hall’s previous record of 500kg in the process. Hall, along with a number of other individuals within the strongman community, has since contested the validity of the lift given that it was completed without the presence of outside judges.

The Game of Thrones star then challenged Hall to settle their differences in the ring, an offer which the Beast says he had no trouble accepting. The two are now set to meet in a pay-per-view event in September 2021, with the venue still yet to be confirmed, though the fight will take place in Las Vegas.

On the fight, Bjornsson said: “CoreSports just offered me a seven-figure contract, I have signed it already. Eddie Hall has been running his mouth now for weeks and I know he has been given the same contract.”

Hall’s response was emphatic: “It’s done. There is no backing out,” Hall said. “I hope you’re happy, because I get to make a load of money stepping into the ring with you and do business, which is absolutely fantastic. I’m going to train for this [fight] like I have never trained for anything before.”

However, despite Hall’s optimism and excitement regarding the fight, the bookmakers have him as the underdog coming into the boxing match. The early odds see Hall priced as the 6/4 outsider, while Bjornsson is the 1/2 favourite in the match. The draw can also be backed at 16/1.

The early odds are likely to be based on the size of the two fighters, with Hall being 6’2″ and 361 pounds, while Bjornsson has the significant size advantage of the two at 6’9″ and 425 pounds.

Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson Odds

Eddie Hall win – 6/4

Hafthor Bjornsson win – 1/2

Draw – 16/1

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