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  1. Mick Stainton Macclesfield says:

    Good Station …… very local, but it is hard to pick up in the centre of Macclesfield. I can’t listen on my radio when in the House, I have to switch on the computer and listen online

  2. Phillip Wells Macc says:

    Some DJ’s are good others are not so good but no one is professional so I believe so that said they do very well for a small Radio Station. They have a good variety of music and lots of information on things to do in the area. I like the competitions as well. I don’t listen all the time I flip flop between three others one of them being silk who I know are also local.
    They seem to be focusing more on Cheshire though so Canalside is good for local news.

  3. Jim Weller Macclesfield says:

    The Station is good, but the reception is terrible … I can only listen in the car and sometimes that is difficult. Is another station interfering with Canalside as I hear a clipping sound on a regular basis

  4. Mavis Clowes Macclesfield says:

    A wonderful Local Radio Station …. full of local news and events. We like the variety of music. It is a treasure and a refreshing change to Commercial Radio

  5. The Station is not up to it I’m afraid, I heard it is always struggling for money which in fairness isn’t going to help.

  6. R. Sherratt says:

    I moved out of the area some while ago but listen on the internet as I like to keep up with things that are happening in my old stomping ground.

  7. Pauls Simons Macclesfield says:

    A fantastic little Station, the signal isn’t very good though compared to other Stations

  8. S Dennison says:

    I live in Milwaukee, I have relatives in Bollington, I like to know what is going on in that part of England so I listen on the internet to Canalside
    good stuff guys by the way please explain what is this Thread ???

  9. I like the Station very much, but you never know what you are going to get. Is a bad thing or a good thing I don’t know Very good though.

  10. Tracy Fenn says:

    Good Station, great music, good local news and good presenters. What has happened to Fay Armstrong ? I don’t hear her anymore ?

  11. Len Bollington says:

    A rather strange Station to say the least. You never know who is on as the schedule and the Presenters seem to change every week …… DJ’s pop up when you are least expecting.

  12. Paul Evans Adlington says:

    I listened to the Station but only dip in and out now as the adverts go on and on. They need the adverts to pay the bills though. One advantage to
    BBC stations is no adverts. I don’t understand this Canalside Thread
    what is that ? when you look for the website for the Station you get this
    website, doesn’t the Station have a website ?

  13. Pip Barnett, Gawsworth says:

    I like to listen to the interviews when local people, clubs, charites, and community groups are talking about what they do. It is refreshing to hear that so much is going on in the community. Considering that Canalside is run by volunteers I think they do a fantastic job.

  14. D Biggar Bollington says:

    I don’t agree, a good local radio Station in the true sense of the word with lots of local people doing the shows. You bump into these people on
    your travels and you feel part of it keep up the good work Canalside
    can we have a bit more Rock music please ?

  15. Carole Thompson, Handforth says:

    I listen to Canalside all day, there is such a good variety of music and I find out what’s happening locally.

  16. Sandra and David Edwards Bollington says:

    We struggle to pick up the signal sometimes, especially around the middle of Macclesfield. When you get to Gawsworth there is another Station playing. We listen when we can and we enjoy it.

  17. I like the Station, but there seems to constantly be a lurch from one extreme to another, on a Sunday afternoon you have lots of oldies but on a Saturday evening it’s very noisy I switch off then

  18. Sue Jamieson Bollington says:

    I have been listening to Canalside since it started a number of years ago. I know everyone has worked really hard to get it on-air ….. due to work I can only listen in the afternoon and evening ….. I miss Nick Wright and Dippy in a morning.

  19. James Christopher says:

    I listen every day when I am not at work and enter all the competitions(and have won some prizes). There are some fantastic prizes especially at Christmas

  20. Jennifer Hough says:

    I do listen to the Station as I like the local content and news on the downside though some of the Presenters and DJ’s seem to struggle. It is a Community Station after all. Do the Council support the Station ? they ought to.

  21. Gregory Johnson says:

    I don’t listen now as the radio went downhill when it changed it’s name to The Thread.

  22. Barbara Hough Macclesfield says:

    Always listen, great variety of music and local news well done everybody.

  23. Roy Jepson Macc says:

    I like listening to the American guy on a Sunday afternoon Cook I
    think his name is … he ads a bit of something to the Station even though
    he isn’t local ……. having said that they have a cockney lady on-air aswell so the Station is very varied. They play a good range of music. My only criticism is you never know who is on as the playlist changes all the time.

  24. Sandra Bollington says:

    I like the fact that I can bump in to the presenters when I am out and about locally. They seem such a friendly bunch.

  25. Helen Oldham Macclesfield says:

    I listen to Canalside off and on ….. I like it but in small doses.
    Sometimes I will hear three pieces of music in a row and don’t know any of the songs.

  26. Linda Parker Macclesfield says:

    Canalside is the only Station that provides music for the elderly people
    of the area, even Radio 2 don’t play the oldies lots of local
    news and friendly voices.

  27. Andy, Broken Cross says:

    There is such a variety of shows with music to suit all tastes. You hear songs on Canalside that you would never hear on many commercial radio stations, some are good, some not so good. I am also a big fan of Northern Soul. Tony Prince’s show is one of the best soul shows I have heard on the radio.

  28. The Station is tin pot rubbish sorry ! not my cup of tea and the reception is terrible

  29. S Roberts Bollington says:

    Brilliant …. I listen all the time …… Nick Wright at 9 in a morning
    makes me laugh and I enjoy the morning interviews with Chris sorry, I
    don’t know your second name.

  30. John Hartley says:

    When it started it was a breath of fresh air, it has become like the rest now. Although I do agree with some comments here though because you never know who is on so you get a surprise. The Presenter list needs sorting out on the website

  31. Jenna Birch says:

    I always listen on the way to work and the way home, I like the local travel updates. We don’t seem to get travel updates anymore though in an afternoon, is there a reason for this?

  32. John Weatherby says:

    I agree with Len, you never know who is on ? although the young lad in
    a morning and Nick Wright at 9 or is it 10 ? seem to be fairly
    consistent, as for the rest it’s all over the place …. I still like it though and I am an avid listener, lots of local news and chat as well as music.

  33. Tony and Sandra Oldfield Kerridge says:

    A truly remarkable little radio Station, they play good music and keep us updated with local news. We get a lot of interference though. Sometimes the signal drops out though and another station takes over.

  34. Peter Blower Macclesfield says:

    Great Station love it well done everyone if you want to
    know what is going on locally tune to 102.8

  35. Les in Macc says:

    We live in Bosley but can’t pick the Station up, when we drive to Macclesfield though we tune in, always nice to know what’s going on without having to buy newspapers, lots of ideas and lot of local news. We like the variety of music, they seems to play absolute everything, I heard Frank Sinatra a few weeks ago Keep up the good work.

  36. Brenda Bullock, Alderley Edge says:

    I miss the Memory Lane shows, the music and what the presenters talked about took me back to my youth

  37. Linda Poynton says:

    They play enough up to date music, can they afford it ?

  38. Marina Bradley, Bollington says:

    I don’t think the music is a good as it was when Canalside first started.

  39. Jim Brown, Macclesfield says:

    I have supported Macclesfield Town for over 50 years and would like to hear more coverage of local sport but don’t get much on Canalside so I listen to Radio Manchester on a Saturday afternoon. What is stopping Canalside doing live coverage of Macclesfield Town games?

  40. Bill Leigh, Macclesfield says:

    I’m looking forward to the Radio Club, it was on a couple of years ago and then disappeared. Canalside is the only Station that includes information and entertainment for the older generation
    over 60’s like me I’m 78 I think they they have a nice balance
    of Presenters and the music that they play. I only wish the reception was better, I struggle finding it on my Radio sometimes as the signal goes all crackly. I rang the Station and they told me that there are dead spots in the area. They are not allowed to turn up the power as they are policed by Ofwat or Ofcom or some authority who work for the government. It seems ridiculous to me, people ought to be able to listen to what they choose, it
    isn’t fair for all concerned if the power is too weak’ Keep up the good
    work Canalside”

  41. Liz Hurdley, Macclesfield says:

    ”I have been listening to The Thread for quite a while now. I like it, it is most certainly different. Sometimes people just disappear and someone else pops up. I think this is what the charm is. I was listening about 5 weeks ago and the Station went off-air, I thought it was my radio at first but realised it wasn’t as other Stations were working. I rang the Station and spoke to a chap called Nick Wright. He said they had a bit of an accident with some equipment and were trying to fix the problem. Mr Wright told me that funding is tight so there isn’t a great deal of room for manoeuvre which in my opinion is a crying shame as they do a great job.
    Everyone seems to work very hard and when I listen to some of the DJ’s they sound just a good if not better than some on the professional channels”
    Can some of the bigger local businesses not help the Station after all, they are a charity I think and they always say they operate not-for-profit
    Lots of volunteers etc I know they also provide training for
    young people, some of my friends have sent their kids to the Mill in Bollington, they had a thoroughly good time, the eldest daughter now works in media somewhere and said her experience at the Station was valuable”
    Well done to The Thread. I like the website as well, it is very informative”

  42. Trevor & Louise Hulme says:

    ”A Brilliant little Radio Station and the best feature for me is the variety. You get virtually everything on the Station. It is a bit adhoc at times and things come on 10 minutes late or 10 minutes early but I suppose that is because they don’t have professional people doing the jobs. How do
    they raise the money ? surely the operation isn’t cheap ? well done
    everybody, keep up the good work.
    I have read other peoples comments and notice that there does seem to be a problem with the signal …. I live in Rainow and it a bit hit and miss sometimes, certainly inside the house. In a car is fine, although sometimes when driving over the tops near Kerridge another Radio Station starts
    interfering. I heard something mention Wales ?? this can’t be true can it
    ? how can a Station in Wales be heard in Kerridge ? I asked a friend of
    mine who is a radio am he told me that due to the fact that the
    Community Radio Stations are only small, they don’t have enough power, so other Station interfere with them. It all seems a little unfair to me.
    I was listening when Liz was listening (previous post) yes they did go
    off-air … they came back on for a short while and then went off again. I
    waited for 15 minutes but gave up, when I turned back on a couple of hours
    later they were back on again and playing one of my favourite songs Isn’t
    she lovely by Stevie Wonder …. my wife used to listen to signal in Macclesfield but now tunes into CanalThread”

  43. Sez Lez, Macclesfield says:

    I’ve read some of the comments on the message board. I agree with most of the people, the Station does very well considering. I don’t listen all the time as I flick between channels, but I am finding myself listening more now. A great variety and lots of local information, they also give
    opportunities to youngsters who seem to be on at the weekend ?? I haven’t
    heard them in the week and the music goes quite upbeat too.
    Good stuff

  44. An excellent little Radio Station, but like people say, the reception isn’t very good at all. I was heading to Poynton last week and the Station kept
    jumping off the channel and going to some station called pure I think they
    are in Stockport ??

  45. Rob Wilson says:

    You seem to get both ends of the scale on the Station. Some of the Presenters are very good, but there’s one or two who need to find a different path in life. I think most do it as a hobby though and it is Community Radio so it can be excused I suppose. I listen off and on and always enjoy it when I do. The signal seems particularly poor around
    Sunderland Street in Macclesfield and the Railway Station where is
    the transmitter ? does anyone know ? someone told me it was on a
    Mill in Bollington

  46. Dave Williams says:

    I notice that the Station really does provide a Community service. A friend of mine told me his daughter did some training there and was on the Youth Station Phase One.

    I’m into the Arts and I see there is an Arts update on a Sunday morning. The focus is very local and that’s good. I know one of the ladies who does the update .. Gill Maguire .. Patti Callaghan is on the show as well. I was listening on Monday evening and the same show came on again. I rang the Station and a lady told me that the show is repeated on a Monday. This is a good idea for those who miss shows as I don’t see any podcast facilities on the website unless I am looking in the wrong place.

    I was listening late a few weeks ago but I can’t recall which day it was and
    there was a Radio play on-air it was late one evening sadly I missed the
    beginning of it so it took a while to get the gist of the play.

    Our Community Station is really pushing the boundaries of Local Radio My only criticism is the on-air schedule never seems to reflect what is
    actually on .. any ideas why ? as this is why I missed the play, I didn’t
    know it was on and I never heard any Presenters mentioning it. I do hear Presenters talking about local events but not promoting programmes. I think this needs to happen so people know what shows are coming up

    Apart from that well done to everyone

  47. Brenda Beaumont says:

    I was at one of the original listener meetings, they held it at the Church House in Bollington. I have been listening to Canalside now for ten years, if I am not listening then I am watching television or doing jobs around the House. I am now retired and I think the Radio Station is excellent. They are a nice group of people, if you ring them up they are always polite and helpful. I am writing to the webshift because my husband and I haven’t been on the internet for long and we are just getting to grips with it. The webshift is very good and you can find out what is happening on it and by listening to Canalside.
    The Station is very diverse and provides a good local service. Some friends of mine have had interviews on the Station and I do know they welcome everyone. Lots of interviews, news and a big variety of musical choice. I particularly like listening on a Sunday as the music is from my era, it takes me back to my youth.

    Well done everyone. I have read some of the readers comments and the reception can be a problem. Sometimes at home if you walk past the wireless it crackles and we struggle sometimes in the car to pick it up as the radio changes channels on its own.

  48. Bethany in Poynton says:

    I notice Matt Isaacs is back on the Radio Station. He lives in Poynton and it’s good to hear local people on the Radio. Canalside gives people opportunities. Two of my friends daughters did work experience and they really enjoyed it. Nick Wright makes me laugh in a morning and the girls said he was very funny even when he wasn’t on the Radio.

  49. Frantic Phil says:

    A good little radio Station with a great variety of music. We need more rock music though. There used to be a rock show but they don’t have one now. They do have special shows though, I heard a Country show a few weeks ago and a show where they played only rock n’ roll it was very good.
    I like Harry Aitkinsons show I think that is his name, he has good music and weird facts, Matt Isaacs is good as well, he does a top 20 from a different year.
    The music is very mixed and the voices are as well. There is an American guy, a girl from the Midlands with a strong brummy accent, some girls from Staffordshire, they sound as if they are from Stoke, a Londoner lady but no scousers. I’m originally from Knowsley so if you they want a scouse accent I can do one, they used to have a community station but Canalside is better.
    There does seem to be something wrong with the signal though, somedays I struggle to pick it up and if you drive more than 10 miles away it disappears completely.

  50. Mr Lob a Lob says:

    I listen now and then, it is OK in small doses as some of the interviews and talking goes on too long. If you like a good variety though and you like local news they are a good little Station. I notice that they are now doing sport again on a Saturday and we can keep track of Macc Town and Macc Rugby who are unfortunately not doing very well at the moment. Canalside had a sports show, it then disappeared and they had some young girls on and it has now reappeared. Someone said that the schedule is a bit here and there, it does seem to be. I hope the sport is going to stay now as they also keep you up to date with the Premiership. I don’t like 5 live or talk sport as I like some music as well and Canalside do provide a good mix. I agree with the listeners overall excellent

  51. Cheryl Coates in Macclesfield says:

    I listen to Canalside on a Saturday evening as I work on a Saturday evening and the music is upbeat and charts. There are a lot of young people broadcasting which I think is a wonderful opportunity for these youngsters.
    It is obvious that they are not professionals and some are only teenagers, they sound like they are having fun. I wanted to add my comments to the panel because I think the Radio Station is to be applauded, can you believe that on a Saturday evening later on they have two lads on the radio who clearly have a disability speech impediment. One boy is called Jack and he does the top 40 and latest tunes and there is another lad who’s name is Dave or David and he stutters, but they are given an opportunity and I think that is commendable.
    I work nights on Saturdays/Sundays. We turn off at 3am though as the music goes very slow tempo.
    I agree with everyone well done Canalside As for the person who said they are tin pot, I think that is grossly unfair considering some of the people are volunteers and novices

  52. Paul Maguire says:

    Great Station, I listen all the time, I never miss Nick Wright his show is
    brilliant and he makes me smile in a morning. I even entered one of the
    competitions earlier this year and won.
    What is that funny noise that Nick has on his show in a morning? It sounds
    like a mouse ?

  53. That’s DJ Dippy Paul, he is Nick Wrights best friend. My daughter was given
    a toy DJ Dippy at a school fete, she keeps him in her crayon case and tries
    to copy his voice. I enter the pop competitions all the time in a morning
    but I keep getting beaten to the medals by Annie, Tony and Les.
    Is Nick Wright a bit mad as he talks to this thing in a morning as if it is
    real and it says the same thing all the time either yes or no does he do
    the voice ? it’s very funny. I also like Harry and Matt and Tim. Paul
    Davies on a Saturday morning let’s you know what is going on at the weekend
    and in the week, I never miss it as I hear things that I didn’t know were
    on. I am not on the internet at home and I don’t have a newspaper either so
    Canalside is brilliant.

  54. Les from Macc says:

    You beat me sometimes Jimbo. I agree, a good show in a morning. I like the
    Rolled Gold and I like the other shows where 60’s and 70’s are played. I
    think Nick is crazy, have a look at his photograph on the website when you
    get chance even though you are not on the internet ask a friend to show you
    on their phone. There is a picture of a chimpanzee in a Radio Studio, all
    the other Presenters have their photographs.

  55. Smiffy in Macc says:

    I know Nick Wright, that’s how he looks, that’s him. See you at the White
    Lion Wrighty

  56. Lauren Parker says:

    Yo Charlie Holliday and Jess Foley. The girls are better than the lads. All
    the blokes are granddads. The Radio Station is certainly different, I think
    Jess’s dad is on the Station as well on a Sunday.
    Saturday evening is good, I agree with Cheryl and Canalside give
    opportunities to people who I would imagine otherwise wouldn’t be able to go
    on Radio. The two people on a Saturday who have speech impediments.
    I work with young people with disabilities and Community Radio gives them
    opportunities. Well done Charlie and Jess.

  57. Michelle Reed says:

    There are two girls on the Station called Jessica. I like the fact that
    there is a good balance between girls and boys, most Stations you listen to
    tend to be all men, Canalside has a nice mix. I think Lauren is right
    though, most of the men on Canalside are middle aged, there’s nothing wrong
    with that, maybe a few younger ones hey girls

  58. Scott Barton on breakfast is younger I think, but I don’t know anymore apart
    from the teenagers on a Saturday.

  59. Rachel Hatton who used to be on Canalside is now a Presenter on Gems TV

  60. Fiona Sadler used to be on Canalside and she went to Key 103, I don’t know
    where she is now but people certainly do well from their time at Canalside.
    I suppose the people move on because they are only volunteers and don’t get
    paid. It’s work experience I suppose.

  61. Johnny Blue says:

    Fiona was on Heart in Wales last time I looked ?
    I listen to Canalside sometimes, it’s OK. I entered a competition a few
    weeks ago to win £450 pounds worth of shopping vouchers, the Presenter was
    called Denis, I got 3 out of 5 and you have to get 5 out of 5. I think the
    prize is now over £500 pounds. I did win a meal voucher for the Legh Arms
    though about 4 months ago. They have some good competitions.

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