Phase One Training Aims & Objectives

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Overall Aim
To advance education for the public benefit in media skills and other related subjects, in particular but not exclusiviely for young people under 25.

To provide high quality, cost free education projects including training, in creative media production, basic, social and wider key skills to the local community, aimed predominantly, but not exclusively to the under 25’s.

To train volunteers, work placement and work experience students in Creative Media Production.

To offer radio training as a route to gaining confidence and improving communications skills for the younger unemployed people locally.

To provide fully inclusive training in media and social skills to the local community.

To provide a pathway to success for those considered NEET within the local community through diverse and interactive training.

To offer a nationally recognized qualification to all participants who train with Phase One Training.

To promote volunteering within the local community for the benefit of Phase One Youth Radio and local events.

To provide a route into the media industry through training and voluntary work with Phase One Youth Radio.

To providing support and activities which develop skills, capacities and capabilities which enable those involved to participate better in society as mature and responsible individuals.

To promote learning for pleasure by people no longer in full time employment through the continued development of their individual capabilities, competencies, skills and understanding in subjects of educational value.”

The Charity will primarily benefit the younger members of the community by providing a focused training program with a view to building confidence, and gaining the necessary skills to become valued members of the community.