Roger “Twiggy” Day

Roger joined Swinging Radio England as one of the original presenters in May 1966 until the station closed 6 months later and the went on to Radio Caroline South before joining Radio Luxembourg.

He returned to offshore radio broadcasting with Radio North Sea International in 1970 and briefly presented a breakfast show on the new Radio Caroline in the early 1970s.

Since then he’s been on lots of commercial stations throughout the UK including Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio, Birmingham’s BRMB, Radio West in Bristol, Invicta Radio/Supergold in Kent, Pirate FM in Cornwall, Jazz FM in London, County Sound in Surrey, Amber Radio in Suffolk and Fusion 107.3 in London.

Nowadays, apart from his own internet radio station UnCool Radio, he presents the Sunday evening show for BBC Radio Kent and The Sixties Sounds, which can be heard for two hours on Canalside Radio from 8am-10am on Saturday mornings as well as lots of radio stations up and down the country.