Shaun gives up home to live in van for months to raise money for animal charity

Giving up my home to live in my van for months to raise money for a special animal charity

My name is Shaun im 23 and i have served in the armed forces. I am I love the nature, the sea, adventuring and of course the wildlife! And that’s why I have decided to give up my home and all my comforts and live out of my van for one month I have teamed up with RWR (Runham Wildlife Rescue) whose objective is to give wild animals a second chance at life which is something i believe wholeheartedly deserves more support. I will be travelling around around the british coast line, Shetland islands, Ireland on the most coastal routes along with visiting Ben Nevis (tallest mountain in the uk) Snowdon, Brecon Beacons and the peak district all from the comforts of my not so trusty fiat van whos unfortunately been given only a month to live and we want to give her a good send off on her last legs, i will be vlogging along the way and taking part in any voluntary work i can find in order to help with the environment. I hope for this to be entertaining for you to watch but also raise awareness for charities like RWR who are self funded and work dehablitiating hours around the clock to make the world a better place and the wildlife within it. So please help in anyway shape or form the animals would be grateful!


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