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Meet vicar Caroline and her bats in the belfry

Welcome to your habitat edition ofanimalkind

As autumn approaches, find out how you can help wildlife in your garden by creating and caring for their habitats. Many wild animals will soon hibernate – try not to disturb them – nobody likes their sleep interrupted!

How we’re helping injured and sick wildlife get back home

We rescue thousands of injured or orphaned wild animals each year. Find out how we helped Foxy, F-35, Lightning and Bertie out of some tight spots and back to their homes.

Spike the fox, some baby chicks and Bertie the Badger were alll rescued and released by the RSPCA

Frisbee the seal

Frisbee’s release

Frisbee came into our care with a horrible injury caused by a frisbee trapped around her neck. Watch the moment she is finally released back into her natural habitat following months of rehabilitation.

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dog lying on grass

Helping animal habitats

There are simple things we can do to help British amphibians who like to hunker down in the colder months. Providing shelter in your garden like compost heaps, damp leaves and rocks goes a long way to helping them hibernate.

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How many animals do we rehome a year

Ton Woodley talks wildlife in the garden

Get involved, be inspired

Here are three easy ways for kind people like you to help animals.

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Practical animal care

We have lots of hands-on animal care volunteer vacancies that you could get involved with.

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Campaign for animal welfare

We aim to prompt political and behavioural change on a range of animal welfare-related issues.

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Support our animal centres

£10 could help care for wild animals in desperate need.

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